Alpha Mural Design & Draft (School & Community)

壁畫設計/創作 (學校及社區)

壁畫草圖就如一劇之本,也是藝術家的創意靈感、縝密規劃及精心設計。壁畫多是草圖同藝術實現過程相結合而成的作品。 Alpha Mural 壁畫設計均能有效透過手繪草圖,從繪畫風格、表現內容、構圖用色等角度,於壁畫繪畫進行前,為學校及社區團體客戶,提供更充分的了解和信心,無論最終作品是以壁畫還是牆貼來實現。

The mural sketch is like a script of film, it represents the artist’s creative inspiration and careful planning. Most mural artworks are results combine sketches with the artistic realization process. Alpha Mural mural design can effectively provide hand-drawn sketches to present the perspective of painting style, content, color composition and so on before the mural painting project, that is for provide customers such as schools and community groups a better understanding of the mural project, whether the final work is achieved by mural paintings or wall stickers.

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