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Artist Ying-Fat + Alpha Mural

Artist Ying-Fat + Alpha Mural

Founded in 2007, Alpha Mural concentrates on creating original and local mural artworks as well as educational art events. During the passed 10 years, Alpha Mural has developed in different fields, including commercial cooperations, exhibition, mural creating, and art workshops and courses. Not only provided customers with wonderful cooperation moments, Alpha Mural has also gained a lot of experience in creating value of original artworks in Hong Kong. From now on, Alpha Mural tries to be more innovative, and focuses producing outstanding mural artworks, hoping to integrate the artist’s original works and Hong Kong local art into urban life.

Alpha Mural為香港壁畫創作公司,於2007年成立,致力於本土原創壁畫設計創作及壁畫藝術教育服務。透過藝術家陳英發個人創作特色及豐富藝術經驗,過往十年來,作品從委約創作、藝術與商業品牌形象設計合作、作品授權、展覽;與及一系列駐教育及社區團體壁畫、工作坊課程及活動合作計劃等,為不同客戶及合作團體帶出可靠的獨有價值和意義;未來,Alpha Mural 仍會不斷創新,加倍努力,守持嚴謹匠心精神,創作更多具創意、具質量、具藝術觀賞性和吸引力的壁畫作品,以滿足任何對壁畫藝術有要求的客戶,務求做到將壁畫藝術滿足不同文化層面需要的生活空間。

Ying Fat’s Mural In Office @ Joker (Far East) Ltd.

Mural in office | Wall Art Painting For Joker (Far East) Ltd. | Mural size: 2400 X 7000 | Live Art | Mural location: Energy Plaza, Tsim Sha Tsui East | Artist: Chan Ying-fat | 20 hours of artwork | 2018

Tel: (852) 2992 0752

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