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About Artist

Ying-fat is a Hong Kong local painter and mural artist. He has been engaged in painting in murals and fine art for more than 20 years. His subjects and styles are quite diverse, and his artworks, both realistic and abstract, have a strong personal color. In addition, Ying-fat’s murals are carried out in a way independent, in order to ensure the perfection of the final work. Until now more than 100 murals paintings have been accomplished by the artist.

About Alpha Mural

Founded in 2007, Alpha Mural concentrates on creating original and local mural artworks as well as educational art events. During the passed 10 years, Alpha Mural has developed in different fields, including commercial cooperations, exhibition, mural creating, and art workshops and courses. Not only provided customers with wonderful cooperation moments, Alpha Mural has also gained a lot of experience in creating value of original artworks in Hong Kong. From now on, Alpha Mural tries to be more innovative, and focuses producing outstanding mural artworks, hoping to integrate the artist’s original works and Hong Kong local art into urban life.

Latest Mural Work


Ying Fat’s Mural In Kindergarten

Mural in Kindergarten  | Wall Art Painting For Think International School Group  | Mural size: 5500 x 12000 | Live Art | Improvisation painting | Mural location: Laguna City, Lam Tin, Kowloon | Artist: Chan Ying-fat | 70 hours of artwork | 2018

Ying-Fat + Alpha Mural wall painting art

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